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Cracked or Settling Slabs

When you are dealing with cracked and settling concrete, there are typically two ways to fix the problem: replace the slab with new concrete or raise the slab by pumping a mortar-based mixture underneath the settling slab in a process known as mudjacking.

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Water Erosion

The problem with traditional mudjacking is that the weight of the “slurry” mixture that is pumped under the slab, combined with the weight of the concrete itself, can actually cause the slab to sink further if the soil beneath isn’t able to support the load.

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For starters, it’s expensive and the repair will take at least several days because the fresh concrete must harden and cure before the slab can be used again. But even more importantly, if weak soil caused the slab to sink, the soil may compress again under the weight of the new slab.

What if you could raise a cracked slab back to its proper level in less than an hour, with no “down” time waiting for new concrete or mortar to cure? This fast, affordable repair is possible with a new slab-raising technique.
Our Spray Tech process involves drilling one or more small holes in the sunken area of the slab, then injecting an expanding “geotechnical” foam beneath the slab.

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What causes a slab to sink?

When all or part of a slab sinks, it’s usually due to one of two possible conditions.

First off, the soil beneath the slab may have characteristics that make it compress easily. In other words, the weight of the slab pushes down on the soil, causing the slab to sink.
Soil erosion can be another cause of a sinking slab.
Heavy water flow sometimes washes away soil beneath a slab, which then sinks into the resulting hole or void.

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